Building online brands with engaging content and digital experiences for local audiences

Online Brands
Content Marketing and The new SEO

Increasingly, business owners and marketers are realizing the importance of having their brand and their content show up at the moments that matter to their target audience. A content strategy that maps the maps the moments your audience is online and is optimized for search will achieve its full potential.

Digital Experiences and CHATBOTS

Instead of broadcasting all your content and trying to guess what content will impact your viewers, a chatbot speaks to the person directly, so the catbot can ask the person what they are looking for and directing them right to the channel they are looking for, again so to speak. Chatbots can become highly personalized and give customers the trust to look deeper into your offering. And at the end it’s like a phone, if anyone interacts with the chatbot, you can pick up and chat with that viewer directly at any time of the day. If not for anything else, a chatbot creates a 24 x7 online presence for you and your viewers and potential customers.

Marketing Automation
Keep in touch with your existing customers

There is no better way yet then a plain and simple Newsletter sent out on a monthly basis. If nothing else to be announced, put a monthly Newsletter with the new content you created on your website. You will have more engagements with your content, and potentially repeat business. Chances are if an existing customers goes to the website, sees the chatbot, he or she will interact directly with you instead of zapping through the website.